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25 September 2006



Boru: I am very scared. I have now been shown to be far to the left of you on two of these little quizes.

68% Capitalist, 32% Socialist


And I've been shown to be RIGHT of Matt on two of these.

72% Capitalist, 28% Socialist.


Don't be scurred.......lots of liberals come from Wisconsin.
I am, myself, a bit shocked and concerned frankly that you are nearly 1/3 socialist....pffff hippie!


It is apparent that my time in that liberal bastion of the Midwest, Madison, has left life-long scars:

56% Capitalist; 44% Socialist


BTF: Madison tends to do that to people. Someday, you will wash the stench of the uncleansed proletariat of Madison off of you! Until then, take solace in the fact that you are at least on the right side of the ledger, if only barely.

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