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27 October 2005


Nurse William

I am one of those conservatives who vigorously opposed the Miers nomination. Not out of hatred of the President, and not out of meanness of heart. I opposed her because her record contradicted her long before she ever got this far. Her pro-choice, feminist, and latent-liberal behavior betrayed her.

President Bush had a golden opportunity to nail the Democrats to the wall by nominating a constitutionalist. He squandered it. If we are angry at him, he brought it on himself. Maybe this will be the wake-up call he needed. I certainly hope so.

But I agree with you on the point that this has been a saddening fight. Perhaps, too, this will cause the Republican Party to return to the principles upon which we were founded. Time will tell.


Nurse William, you make a good point when you say perhaps this will cause the GOP to return to its principles. Between the twin setbacks of the Miers' nomination and the overwhelming costs of the Katrina bailout, it seems as if Conservatives have been energized like they haven't been in some time.

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